DuPage Impact Social Investment Portfolio

Building Our Strategic Impact Investment Portfolio

At DuPage Impact, our values guide the growth of our social impact investment portfolio, business incubation process, and strategic goals for helping build a social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Chicago’s western suburbs.

We offer two programs to our portfolio companies:

  • A 16-week bootcamp for startups; and
  • A more customized program for early stage companies

As our portfolio matures, we’ll be adding details on each of our portfolio companies to this page.

The Target Market

DuPage Impact portfolio targets include sustainable, scalable, for-profit social ventures including startup and early stage entrepreneurs (companies in the first 1-2 years of development).

A social impact startup is typically defined as a formed for-profit concept with development plans fully thought through, led and committed to by a passionate leader or team dedicated to both financial success and making a positive impact in our society. These types of portfolio companies are well suited to take advantage of our up-to-16-week Boot Camp program.

An early stage social impact company usually has a more developed product or service with a) 1-2 years under its belt, and b) either an operating pilot or small stage implementation including some revenue stream. These entities receive a custom designed adaptation of DuPage Impact’s programs and services. In many cases, funding these more advanced companies will be done in collaboration with other social investor groups.

More information on the funding and resources provided can be found on our Entrepreneurs page.

Target Portfolio Sectors

Industry verticals targeted for investment by DuPage Impact include but are not limited to:

  • Education
  • Health and Wellness (excluding medical devices and drugs)
  • Community Development
  • Environmental
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Healthy Food

Products and services for these sectors should involve some technology enablement with limited capital equipment requirements. Consulting-only entries do not typically fit our focus.

All applicants are required to present a specific focus and plan to demonstrate social impact as well as financial returns. Some preference is given to companies that are connected to DuPage County or its environs in the western suburbs of Chicago.DuPage Impact Process Graphic

Roll-Out Plan

DuPage Impact is launching in late 2017. Through aggressive recruitment and screening of applicants, DuPage Impact anticipates that an inaugural cohort of six to eight companies will be identified and begin working with Innovation DuPage as either startups or early stage companies.

At Innovation DuPage, DuPage Impact portfolio companies will be working alongside other emerging businesses from the COD Center for Entrepreneurship and REV3, part of the DuPage County government’s economic development efforts.

The network of experts, mentoring and connections will be provided jointly by DuPage Impact and COD. Innovation DuPage, the cutting edge private/public innovation center hosted by College of DuPage, will incorporate its experience of over 16 years of operation of the COD Center for Entrepreneurship.

For details on the resources, services and funding that DuPage Impact provides to participating businesses, visit our Entrepreneurs page.

DuPage Impact portfolio companies completing the Boot Camp will participate in an organized Investor Day in 2018, giving them the opportunity to pitch to a group of potential follow-on impact investors.